That's Not What I Wanted to Happen


behold the rebirth and the wrecking crew

sold high but born in a tin mine

cold and stolen and looking cool

and only been around for a short time

a fire ignited a field of golden wheat in the city zones

a white field burning red and spilling out into the streets oh no

and the rise

of the tides


out on the archipelago 

where i dream and full of beans is now

rocky islands, dug out for gold

formica tiles float by the restaurant

now the doors are hanging off, bolted up tight but still getting soft

stepping out in the morning rain, the way that its coming down is really hitting my brain


twas a crime

of the mind



thats not what i wanted to  happen


i could have picked the phone 

and took to melting the throne

then we would be breaking the bread

and going out of our heads

alas the scaffold fell short

an independent report

came in to challenge the court

and interrupted my thoughts then 

another letter turned up today

from a rowboat rocking the high tide waves

these requests to get back in the game

only help me remember my name

two heads, theres only one skin and it needs a’changin’

one old snake, remains and it eats itself up over and over again


by the spire 

rowing out on a misty morn

no altruistic method moving on

at the spire a silhouette in the dawn

touch tips and i jump into that one

whos wrong? do you remember those flies out by the reservoir?

not a soul, everyones clamouring for another hour

or hanging on 

looking up

staring long

welling up





Is It Any Wonder?


cannot open this can

i fly to rio

the clouds are coloured like a snake

cold as peter pan

a coliseum 

is gliding quietly in my wake


anxious feet are tapping madly on the floor

to music

kind of flat, as always

holding back,  and never 

feeling like it really should

whos the oldest one?

who has the title?

holding up the canvas in the rain


if it drops all of my microchips get wet


is it any wonder at all

is it any wonder at all

every single one is so small

so is it any wonder at all 

clearing up the leaves from the path

holding up a drink to the staff

is it any wonder at all


clawing up the tracks

that ancient creature

suck travel sweets as it draws near

birds are learning puns

and I’m excited

imagine a car flying o’er the sea


keep that train from running full steam out the door


kind of flat as always 

holding back and never

feeling like it really should 

they want kingdom come

i want relinquish

putting down my brain on to the grass

keep that brain from running full steam out the door


Payin' for the Rich to Stay Rich


clap your hands it’ll be alright

run around the block 3 or 4 times

nominate my friends 

and round it goes again 

ground control to major tom

the systems dead, theres something wrong

how much longer can all this go on


well gee you must be fuming

paying for everything twice

they know just what their doing

they happily roll the dice and


spend your money on something else

sell your services sell your health

your paying for the rich to stay rich




its the same sad tale honey over and over

they’ve underspent gone out to plunder

whilst we’re bailing out another bank or two

aint capitalist if it cannot fail

if one ship sinks just let another one sail

now they’re calling you for a bob or two        


And I know that you’d give it

like any good person should

but why do we submit 

to those who never would


it takes certain type to wanna run your life

its not the same type who wants see you right

voting for the rich to stay rich…

copyright Nick John Henry 2020