Peat Soil

peat soil lay on the earth

and soaked up the rain

he may not ever have moved

unless we said his name

then he’d lead us to a view

out in the pouring rain

like an elk in the morning dew

or the curl of a lions mane

used to speed drive like crazy

up and down the motorways

hold on tight to the handles

he’ll get you there ok

peat soil did not know fear

did not get sick and yet

well the ending isn’t something to remember or forget


ride the thermals big eagle


in dingle or istanbul or

on the roads between

he was gone for many moons

and many many dreams

once thrown through a windscreen

face cut up and yet

he lay down took some acid

healed himself with his head

he knew something

i know he did though

i never dared to ask him what

he could mend it and always did

you know theres nothing that aint worth a shot

there laughing grass in hand

at something I forget

ain’t it strange how I took no pictures and i don't remember what he said 


though it comes to me

ride the thermals big eagle


was it the horse that you fell off

or the old man who crashed into you

what of the trips that i heard of

or the things you were into

Tent City

im going down to tent city

lie in the rain pocked night

i don’t want your crooked pity 

i see the stars make their light


I hear some people speaking here

dull moans in the moonlight

when i hear nature calling

i watch the cars go by


tent city nestled in the valley

where the road snakes around me


Just off the motorway

closed down road side cafe

washing my t shirts in the river

stealing eggs from beneath the chicken


i walk into the town sometimes

sometimes i walk straight through

potatoes from the fields

boiling coffee outside


tent city nestled in the valley

where the road snakes around me

tent city nestled in the valley 

where the rain ropes around me

Monkeys in the Mangrove

What that in your vitamin tub

what have you in there for us

sit around for an hour or two

happily burning plants with you

baboons on the plateau

monkeys in the mangrove,

walking down a long road

following your own code


you have to buy a proper a shoe

santorini fell for you 

harnessing the cold and clue

never opens doors to doom

have you found an answer

calling in the opera

shouting to the never

lasting like a desert


the trees make a mournful tune

stirred up by the wind in june

though its raining summer soon

migration ends under moon

twinkle in the night sky

dark and light reign on high

nothing to do come noon

though it will be night soon

got a call for peter

has anyone seen this man?

hes where the mountains rise 

and the sun melts into the land

got a call for peter

i don't think you'd understand

hes where the mountains rise 

and the sun melts into the land

take a burning ride out by the fields down the road to what you never know

like a thorn in my side and a kink in my rift some kind of syndrome

fruitless kicks of wits and i never know which sun through my window 

blow the smoke from lips what am i doing with this i guess i’ll never know

curling up in the wind like an orange with trim why cant i let go

even when i am gone its going on a pull to and fro

tearing up my mind though cosmic signs everywhere i go

wont it let me be give me lobotomy what have i sown

it grows and creeps and curls and rocks me in my soul

the old spirit of which it is a guess i’ll never know

Tale of Two Grids

oh I want to go

low down the road

past glassy eyes

screwed on poles

while small bombs fly

through tiny holes

twelve hour drive

as jupiter calls


no I’m away and I go

too heavy to overthrow

never been one to stay

so i’m away and i go

o its so hard just to go

never been one to stay

but i feel so afraid to stray


now i see a crack

in this web of stone

blue spider taps

fingers soft on home 

while unwrapping your food

your oil your regret

and so slow

a painting cast in  sunset


no I’m away and I go

it’s cold and I don't want to know

never been one to stay

so I’m away and I go

but oh it so hard just to go

never been one to stay

but i feel so afraid to stray now


look! look look look!

the hillside it runs 

slips down the spurs

and kisses the sea

and all these tufts

beehive patterns

and behind the clouds

there spans a grid


 what is this now on show

i’m a child man what do I know 

never been one to say

no positivity and no

i dont know where to go

all the bridges made

all my minds been changed forever now    


i can turn the cogs around

i’ll go as far I’m able

these two tyres on the ground

let the horse out of the stable


we grip up mountains and back down

and we rattle to and through fate

nothing sees us coming round

and by the time they do its too late


the canopy it whispers fair

holy truths i cannot express

and its sad that no one’s here

i am lonely now i confess 

In Between

i am in between realities


cold days nurse says

I’m sorry I wish I could


pains in chest they’re ok i guess

but now its harder to get around

every day I feel more pain and relief cannot be found

let me live the dream to which I’m bound


o needle prick just a bit 

to kiss away these scary days

you give to me endlessly

but never enough to take me away 


o i know that just beyond adventure waits in gravities song and

what i see will be for me is it fields of green or roaring seas?

do i suffer for your culpability?      


Its your right to die if you can’t survive it’s your right to go to sleep until next time

theres a million every week

don’t keep me here because you’re have fear of holding the stick it'll be fine

now get it over quick  


kill the pain green is the vein where the muddy waters seep growing wild

giving strength to the weak

kill the pain green is the vein light disperses cloud o wow

lying down tall and proud

Woke Up from a Dream

i woke up from a dream

the tap drip brings my mind to attention

condensation gleam

on a window pane to endless visions

did you get away clean?

making tea in a tiny kitchen

i wonder what you’ve seen?

a bulb in your mind that finally blossomed.


morning again


morning again


severed from touch untethered from wheel not feeling much nothing feels real.

caught on a song I heard it today I sing a long I like what they say

Morning again



falling through a screen

a pixel fix to trick a station

he left a white machine

like a moving house with a recon engine

ball Lightening

move in the hills like the grateful living

o its such a thing

a sight that brought my mind to submission


when the wind comes takes you laughing on the shore

when the tide creeps out then you can feel draw

wearing down the footways walking on the dyke

tearing down the motorways in the middle of the night

flashing your headlights 


its a black hole child it lives within your heart

spinning in the centre swirling at the start

crawling through the wind an rain laughing at the storm

100 foot tall waves are crashing on the shore

laughing ever more


I woke up from a dream

Sphagnum Moss

the black is shining bright

and cuts through the green

then winds out of sight

till it leads


to the sea


old wooden fence, blurs to a stripe

out to the west

hangs a kite, then it dives

Starship Rhyddings

i’m walking 


cliff tops and starry skies

mind flying like a midnight kite


unknown to

the great gods of


rhyddings like a distant dream


i’m running 

miles and miles

chest pound diethylamide

young brain cleft open wide



i’m smoking

studying in a hazy dream

pinball pinball machine

Hello Dad

hello dad i'm fine 


i have no

sense of time

it seems that none has passed at all

had a trip in cornwall

put up a fight

when ‘me’ was shot

maybe you were there but i was not


sitting down by the sea

staring down at my knees

wondering how old i was

next time i go out

please come in and give a wave

i wont look at faces

 i hope to see you when i’m brave


living in ear shot

taking my head off

caring is pretty

hell is the city

i want to believe what i say 

i think i believe what i say

grew up with country

living with money

scared of the future

got a computer

don’t want to believe what i say

cannot believe what i say

sitting indoors and

walking the floors and

living in city

i think that it farms me

I think i should move away

we all should just move away

killing is easy

but we do it slowly

i feel like i owe me

i wish you could know me

i’m thinking too much today

just thinking the days away


sphagnum moss

does comes to me

when i lay down

and i dream

i think i’ll head there in good time

do you think we

make it?

create it

to ease pain

or is it right there before my eyes?

well i won’t know

know until i go

and see you there

you so and so

well dad i’m fine and

nature is looking kind

more in common with dogs now

and good smoke is hard to find

The Road

like a vein or a lifeline to the slain

on starry nights i ride the lines with you

through the night butterfly antennae lights

that we move through painted yellow and blue

all alone with a thing that all lives know

you could be told but really what good would it do

time will tell o the road looks well

sit back and look at ever moving view

copyright Nick John Henry 2016